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"When you walk by the road, you see a person lying in the street starving to death. Have you ever wondered why God has not made you like that, or him like you. Because everything in this world is part of a big plan created by God. But we don't understand, we are not made like that. Somewhere a woman lost her son, the only one reason she was alive. Now if you are sad about this, look on the other side, her only son donated a heart to a person who was the father of three little girls and a husband.

See this is the problem with us, in God's point of view sadness is balanced by happiness, but we humans see only one side of the big plan, the result we are either sad or happy.

If you are heartbroken, don't curse yourselves, don't be rude to your ex. Even if your ex cheated on you or hurt you, don't allow sadness to blind you, and don't allow it to take control your life.

You are alive because God has a plan for you. Don't let these things carry you away. Just trust God and face the truth. It's an opportunity for you to step aside and look at yourself as another person, to evaluate yourself so that you can make a better you.
Don't let drugs or alcohol or sadness destroy the image you have. Step forward, only then will you know what the future holds for you.

There is no magic wand, this is a real world. If you want help you got to help yourself. It's all your call. Either you can destroy your life for a person who was never meant for you, or you can make a better you for the person who is waiting for you around that corner, the person whom God really meant for you."

Enjoy every moment of ur life!


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